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A new train between New Delhi and Mumbai is making an appearance at the India-Pakistan border.

But the Indian side of the train will be taking more than just passengers.

The train will also be a place for sexual reassignment surgeries.

India’s Ministry of Railways and the Railway Health Ministry are partnering to conduct the surgery on a male patient who had undergone the surgery in New Delhi a few months ago.

A doctor in New York said he and the patient have had similar experiences on other trains.

They both came through the New Delhi station, he said, and the doctor was very excited.

“He said, ‘I have a patient who is transgender.’

I said, you must be joking.

I said ‘Yes, he is,'” said Dr. Rakesh Bhagat.

He said the surgery is part of the Indian Railway’s effort to create an environment of acceptance for transgender patients.

Indian transgender women have long been barred from traveling across the border.

The government said it was looking into a number of ways to change that.

The Indian government also has plans to establish an “All-India” train that will bring transgender people from the south, north and east to the country.

The idea has been supported by the transgender community in India, who say they need the service to access services and opportunities in the country that they would not otherwise have access.

The journey from New Delhi to the border crossing is estimated to take about 45 minutes.

On the Indian trains, passengers are seated at designated stations, where they can board the train to a station and change into their clothes.


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