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4/6 How much do you want to spend on the election?

A lot, according to research by financial services firm Fitch Ratings.

The firm says Americans will spend $1.6 trillion on election-related goods and services in 2020, a number that is expected to increase slightly to $2.3 trillion by 2023.

The forecast for 2024 is also fairly solid: $1 trillion.

The firm also forecasts that Americans will buy $1,200 worth of election-themed merchandise this year, an increase from $860 in 2020.

Fitch’s research is based on a wide range of consumer spending data, and Fitch says its forecasts are accurate to within 1.4 percentage points.

Fitch also notes that Americans have more than doubled their interest in buying election-focused goods this year.

This means that in 2020 Americans will likely spend $2,200 on election items.

The only items that will decrease in price are the pricey campaign merchandise.

As you may have guessed, Fitch predicts that the economy will expand by 1.6% in 2020 compared to last year, which means that by 2024 Americans will have spent more money buying election related goods.

For comparison, Fitches forecasts for 2016 showed an 8.6 percent increase in consumer spending, with the economy expanding by 1% during that time.

A key factor behind Fitch’s optimism about the election is the fact that both major parties have been spending more on electioneering in recent years.

In 2016, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton raised nearly $10 million in the first two weeks of the campaign, while Republican candidate Donald Trump raised more than $9 million during that same period.

Firms research shows that both candidates have had positive impacts on consumer spending in recent months, and are likely to continue to do so in the months ahead.

But the outlook for consumers for election-based goods and service spending is a bit more complicated.

According to Fitch, the majority of election products will be made by companies with a major financial interest in politics, like the pharmaceutical industry, energy companies, telecommunications companies, or other industries that have an interest in maintaining a close relationship with politicians.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are likely going to be among the largest players in this category, which has grown by almost 60 percent since 2016, according the firm.

If the economy continues to improve, and the economy improves further, then the trend toward election-specific goods and other consumer spending could accelerate, FITCH says.

FITCH expects that consumer spending will rise as the election draws closer.

One thing that consumers don’t want to miss out on is a new election-centric video game coming out this year titled Pokémon Trainers, a.k.a.

Pokémon Snap.

Pokémon Snap, which was originally announced in 2015, is a Pokémon themed game that takes place in a Pokémon Stadium in which players can capture and train Pokémon.

The game was first released for iOS and Android devices last year.

More than 60 million players around the world have already downloaded the game, and its popularity has continued to grow, Fitching predicts.


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