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Citi Training has put together a list of some of the best ways you can improve your Citi Card coverage in the coming months.

First, the good news.

As a Citi cardholder, you can continue to receive your card benefits without incurring a monthly fee, which is a great perk when you’re traveling or have a long trip ahead of you.

Second, if you’ve ever wanted to take advantage of the Citi Travel Club, you’re now eligible to do so with an automatic $100 statement credit every two weeks, which can be used to buy merchandise or other perks.

Third, if your card is still in good standing, you may be eligible to receive up to $500 in travel reimbursements if you pay for your travel with cash.

Citi Training offers the following best practices to help you achieve the best possible coverage:Citi is offering a $1,000 Visa Infinite Reward Credit for cardholders who pay with a CITI Card, which includes a C2 Visa Infinite Card and an introductory annual fee of $5,000.CITI offers a $2,500 Visa Infinite Credit for Citi Cards that meet the following criteria:1.

Pay for your trip with cash or credit card2.

Use the card to buy groceries3.

Pay with a debit card or other payment method to make purchases4.

Pay a non-refundable fee5.

Purchase an airline ticket with the CITIC Visa Infinite® Card for travel on the C2® airlines or other Citi® airlines within the United States6.

Use a Citibank Visa Infinite Visa Signature® Card to make and pay purchases at Citi Rewards®® locations in the United State7.

Use any Citi Visa Signature Card to buy gift cards for a designated individual or business associate at CITIBANK8.

Use an ATM or other ATM to make a purchase at Citigroup® or Citi Bank®, with an ATM in the ATM and a C&B ATM machine in the C&amps;B area, or online9.

Use Citi Pay with PayPass™ for your CITi Card payments10.

Make online payments with a Visa® Mastercard or Discover® Visa® Card in the US, with a payment plan that includes Citi’s online payment option11.

Pay by credit card for purchases in a store with Citi Online Banking®, with CITICS® stores located in major U.S. cities, or in locations across the U.K.12.

Pay online using a Visa card or Discover card in the U, with CITS® locations located in the UK, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Argentina and the Dominican Republic13.

Pay electronically with a credit card or debit card for online purchases with CICI Pay®, a Cits® location that operates in the same geographic area as the CITS Visa® card network14.

Pay using a debit or creditcard for online or mobile payments at CITSPay, a CITS card network located in South America15.

Access Citi Business with Cits Card and a Business Mastercard online and/or via mobile at Cits Bank, a global financial institution located in Mexico.16.

Access and use Citi Global Mastercard and a Visa Signature Mastercard for international payments at the Cits Visa® network17.

Access the CitIBank Visa Visa Infinite Rewards® program for travel purchases, including CITIQ® travel purchases.18.

Apply for a Citus Rewards® Travel Card or an alternative Citi Preferred® card from CITITIBanks and CITIFiles.CITS is the third largest travel rewards card provider in the world.

Citi also provides a wealth of other benefits to its cardholders, including:Travel to more than 50 destinations and earn a minimum $10,000 in rewards annually for a minimum of seven months of frequent flyer miles.

Travel to the top 50 cities in the USA and Canada for a total of over 2,400 destinations, earning $5 million in rewards for participating in Citi Prestige, the company’s exclusive travel program.

Earn $250 in rewards each time you redeem your rewards on Citi cards for purchases at select retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more.

Earn an annual fee-free, one-time, no-charge Visa Infinite™ Rewards credit that covers travel, fees, taxes, and any other expenses not covered by a standard Visa Infinite travel credit.

The Citi training series features top industry experts on how to improve and maximize your Citit Card benefits and benefits package, which ranges from earning a bonus of $500 annually to an automatic credit of $1.50, with some exceptions.

Learn how to save on CITC Visa Infinite®, which is the card that will help you earn the $1 million annual bonus in the next two years.

Learn more about CITCs new Citi rewards program.