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Haze clouds of the mysterious ghost train fog are drifting across the countryside as the UK government gears up for an air show of its latest in-air train simulator, a train simulator that is designed to mimic the flight experience of flying a jet-powered train.

The training facility, the Ghost Train Haze, will be used to train train pilots for the next generation of aircraft that will be developed by the Royal Air Force.

In March, the Government launched the UK’s biggest train simulator in the US, the US$1.6 billion Terminal High Performance Training (TIP) facility in the UK.

TIP is designed for high-speed training of pilots for fighter jets, the UK Government said at the time.

According to the Royal Flying Corps, the train simulator will be a “world-class training facility” for UK and US pilots.

While the UK is preparing for a potential ground test of the training facility later this year, the test will be confined to a single, temporary training site in Birmingham and the train will not travel long distances on the train.

According to a report in the Birmingham Mail, the training site will be closed for maintenance work and a refurbishment project is scheduled for the end of 2019.

During the refurbishment, it is hoped that the facility will be able to accommodate up to 50,000 passengers per day.

This is not the first time the Ghost Training Haze has been used in the training process.

“A train simulator has been built for a short time and we can be sure it will be the right solution for the future,” said a spokesman for the British Railway, which owns the train station.

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