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Afghan forces are waging a new battle against the Taliban, the Taliban have retreated in several provinces, and the Taliban are losing ground, but the war against them is far from over.

In the northern provinces of Helmand, Paktia and Balkh, Afghan troops have pushed back Taliban fighters from the strategic port city of Kandahar, and they are also advancing into other provinces, including the strategic city of Herat.

Afghan forces also launched a campaign to retake the capital Kabul, which Taliban fighters captured last month.

The fighting is expected to be protracted, with the Afghan forces fighting to secure key areas in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including several key districts in Helmand.

It will be the longest-running Afghan conflict since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“This is the longest fighting in Afghanistan, with some of the biggest battles and the longest sustained conflict,” said Ahmad Jawed Ali, a Kabul-based political analyst.

“It will be a real struggle.”

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said in a televised address on Tuesday that the war in Afghanistan is not over, but that there are “difficulties”.

“Today, we are facing a new, more complex conflict.

The Taliban are retreating, but we have no idea what will happen to them after the battle,” Ghani told reporters.

Ghani also said that Afghanistan would be facing more “external threats” over the next year.

“We will be facing new threats, such as the Taliban who are threatening to launch an attack on our country,” Ghabib said.

Ghafib also said on Tuesday there will be “new threats”, such as foreign forces and foreign fighters, to Afghanistan’s security.

“If these threats continue, Afghanistan will be in a dangerous situation,” Ghafig said.

The US State Department has also warned against foreign fighters and foreign intervention in Afghanistan. “

Foreigners will be coming into Afghanistan to fight against us and we will have to prepare to fight them,” he said.

The US State Department has also warned against foreign fighters and foreign intervention in Afghanistan.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that the United States has already seen the “worst of the worst” in Afghanistan in recent years, including attacks on civilians and the loss of civilians and infrastructure.

“The US remains steadfastly committed to our Afghan partners to ensure they are able to defend their country and their people,” Kerry said.


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