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Clicker training is a method of teaching animals to click by clicking on objects.

In fact, it is the most common training method used by dogs to learn to click.

It has been used for decades in the military to teach dogs to click on objects such as doors, to teach them to identify objects by scent, and to learn how to open doors, but it has also been shown to be ineffective for the training of dogs to find their owners.

The Navy SEAL’s clicker program sparked a firestorm of criticism from animal rights activists.

The Navy SEAL program was part of a $2 million contract with the Defense Department.

“I don’t believe that we can teach a dog to click without using a clicker, and that’s just not the case,” Navy SEAL Robert Anderson, who led the program, told The Associated Press.

The training is not new.

More: The Navy said in a statement that it had suspended its contract with clicker trainer Robert Anderson.

Anderson said in an interview with The Associated White House Correspondent that the Navy would work with a company that manufactures clickers to make the program.

He said the Navy will offer the contract to a private company for “any reasonable offer.”

The Navy said Anderson will remain on active duty, but would not discuss the specifics of his contract or his position.

He did not respond to emails seeking comment.

The Pentagon has been criticized for using animals to train dogs, even when they are not trained.

Last year, the Pentagon banned the use of live animals in training of military dogs.

But a Pentagon spokesman said last month that the program is designed to teach the dogs how to click so they can be trained to search for their owners, a task often performed by humans.

Dogs are often trained to click when they hear a sound or hear the words “click,” and the dogs learn to react to the sound or the words.

Last month, a Navy dog handler was fired after a video surfaced showing him trying to teach his handler to click in a training session.

The video shows a Navy SEAL handler yelling at his dog in the hallway, and he tells the dog to “click!”

The dog then clicks on the handler and gets a reward.

The handler’s name and rank are not shown.

The Navy’s decision to halt the clicker dog program has sparked controversy.

Critics say the program was not ethical, that it is not safe, and it is unnecessary.

In a report released by the National Organization for the Reform of Dog Training, former Navy SEAL Tom Peeples said it is inappropriate for the Navy to use live animals.

According to Peebles, the Navy has been using dogs to train soldiers since the 1950s, and the practice of using live animals for training has been in use for more than 30 years.

He says that in his opinion, the military is using animals for an illegal purpose.

“These are animals that are not our dogs,” Peecles said in the report.

“These are trained dogs that are trained to do what they are trained for.

We need to end this.

Peeples has long been critical of the Navy’s training of live-capture dogs.

In 2014, he wrote a letter to the Navy Chief of Naval Operations, Gen. Mark Milley, that detailed problems with the Navy training dogs and said it was unsafe.

Peeches also raised concerns about the way the Navy uses live animals to test new dogs.

The dogs are placed in a small room, and they are tested by wearing the trainers’ shoes, according to Pees.

Pees wrote that dogs that perform poorly on these tests are kept in confinement and are given no medical care, and are not allowed to interact with their owners in the wild.”

If you don’t like this program, you’re welcome to leave,” he said.PEEPs letter was the first written by a former Navy handler about his experience with the clickers.

He told The AP that he believes the Navy should discontinue the clickering program.

The AP reached out to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), which investigates all reports of cruelty or neglect involving animals.

We will update this story if we hear back.


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