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A video has gone viral on YouTube of a trainer and bowflex max training set, in which a bowflex is used to lift weights.

In the video, a trainer says that the set is very easy to train, which is a claim that has been disputed by others.

In a separate video, the trainer is seen lifting a box, which he says is “like a barbell”.

“It is like a bar with legs, you can lift and it is very, very easy.

I have used the bowflex for the last 18 years, and I have never experienced anything like it,” he says in the video.

In another video, another trainer, also claiming to have used bowflex, is seen working with a bow in a video that he says he recorded while on a tour in South Africa.

“Bowflex, for me, it is so simple to lift it is the best in terms of flexibility,” the trainer says.

“When I lift it, I feel the sensation of having weight under my arms.

When I get tired, it feels like I am dead weight.”

A spokesperson for Bowflex told The Times India: “The Bowflex max is one of the most popular and successful trainers on the market today.

It’s the most versatile, the most effective, the safest and the most cost-effective.”

This video is clearly of a Bowflex trainer.

It is not the same as the one on the internet, which was not produced by Bowflex.

“The spokesperson added that the company has since removed the video and the trainer has now apologised.

The spokesperson said that the video has now been removed.


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