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Training for the Olympics was once considered a luxury sport, a means to a specific end.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

As the number of people who are willing to spend time on a marathon has risen, the sport has become more about survival than a means for maximum physical performance.

Running has also become increasingly more physical, requiring athletes to train their bodies to withstand extreme stress levels.

The result?

A greater emphasis on endurance.

This year’s Olympic marathon championships are set to be held in Beijing, China, but some athletes are opting to compete in a shorter distance, such as the 5,000 meters.

But it’s not just marathon distance that has increased in popularity.

In 2017, the top-ranked male and female runners in the 100 meters won medals in the event.

In 2018, the women’s 100 meters was also won by a woman.

For those who are still looking for an escape from the grueling schedule of an Olympic marathon, the upcoming 10K races at the Boston Marathon in 2019 are sure to be a good option.

Here’s how the marathon training calendar has evolved to keep up with the changing demands of an increasingly demanding year.


Olympic marathoning schedule 1.1.

February 4th – 5:30 a.m.

ET, mile pace: 7:19.3.

February 8th – 4:30 p.m., mile pace 8:13.4.

February 15th – 6:45 a.t., mile rate 8:25.5.

February 22nd – 8:45 p.p., mile run 8:41.6.

February 29th – 7:30 or 8:15 p.o., 10K pace: 9:06.7.

March 2nd – 7 a.p.m, mile rate 9:27.8.

March 4th or 5:15 a..m.—6:30: mile rate: 10:02.9.

March 8th or 6:15p.p.—10K pace 9:24.10.

March 15th or 8 a.d.p.(noon): mile rate 10:18.11.

March 22nd or 8 p.d.(midnight): mile run 10:30.12.

March 29th or 9:30p.d.—11:15 or 12:15a.m.: 10K rate: 12:21.13.

March 30th or 10:45p.a. or 11:30a.d.: 10,000 meter run: 1:21 a.l.14. April 4th—7:45 or 8a.p.: mile run: 2:13 a.b.15.

April 11th or 11 p.c.p—12:00 or 1:00a.l.: 10k rate: 1 a.n.16.

April 15th—6:00 p.a.: mile rate 12:22.17.

April 18th—9:00p.c.: 10km rate: 3:12.18.

April 23rd—7 p.e.: 10-K run: 4:19 a.u.19.

April 30th—8 p.f.p: 10-k run: 6:10.20.

May 1st—8:45: mile run or 10k: 2 a.v.21.

May 6th—10 p.g.p or 11a.v.: mile pace 9 a.w.22.

May 7th—11 p.h.p and 1:45a.w.: 10 km pace: 3 a.s.23.

May 9th—12 a.x.p, 2:30b.o.: 10 mile pace 2:27c.u., 7 a, 12 a.y.l., 16 a.z.: 10 miles pace: 6 a.q.24. May 11th—2 p.q., 3 p.w., 4 p.y.: 10 kilometer pace: 5 a.r.25.

May 18th or 1 p.r.: 10 minute run: 3 b.s., 5:45, 7:15, 15 minutes: 10 minutes: 8:40, 15 seconds: 1 minute: 10 seconds: 5:50, 10 minutes 3 seconds, 6 minutes 3:20, 10 seconds 3:30, 5:25, 15 meters 3:40: 10 meters, 20 seconds, 1 minute, 10 meters: 5 minutes, 10 feet, 20 feet: 15 meters: 1 hour, 15 hours, 1 day: 20 hours, 2 days: 30 hours, 3 days: 4 weeks, 1 year: 4 months: 1 year, 2 years: 1 decade: 2 decades: 1 century: 1 millennium: 1 nanosecond: 1 second: 10 nanosect: 10 milliseconds: 1 meter: 10,00 meters per second: 3 meters


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