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In the last week, the Australian Senate has debated two bills that would ban train wreck lyrics from the national curriculum.

The first bill, which has been dubbed the Bob the Train Hall bill, would outlaw the singing of train wreck songs at all Australian sporting events.

And the second bill, dubbed the Monster Train Hall Bill, would make it a criminal offence to use train wreck music at an event without a licence.

Both bills have been dubbed ‘anti-democratic’ by Senator Bob the rail.

‘The Bob the St. Bob bill is not anti-democratic.

It’s anti-Australian and it’s a joke.

It is a sad commentary on what is going on in our democracy.

‘It’s a bit sickening and really, really disgusting that people would think they are above the law and not subject to it, as if they are somehow above the laws that are in place.

‘If you are singing a train wreck at an Australian sporting event, you can’t be prosecuted and it should be considered a criminal act.

‘I think we need to get rid of all this anti-democracy, anti-authority stuff.

‘These are not the words of someone who believes in the rule of law and it doesn’t seem to me that those are the words that are going to get passed through.

‘That is a sick joke and it is a terrible thing to do.

‘We are talking about children’s songs and children’s stories, and people are going crazy over these things, but if you’re singing a story about a train accident, you have to respect the rules of the game.

‘You have to go with the safety of the kids.

‘People are going around singing about train wrecks and people just aren’t paying attention.

‘They are trying to be a bit of a hero.’

Senator Bob says he has no objection to the singing in his native Tasmania, but he thinks the national government should be looking at the laws and laws need to change to deal with the issue.

‘As far as I’m concerned, the laws of Tasmania are the laws in Australia and if they want to make it illegal, well that’s their problem.

‘But to say you are not going to sing this song at an events, it’s fine to do so.

‘And the laws aren’t changed in the states, they are changed in Tasmania.’

‘People aren’t listening’ The Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has been vocal about his support for the Bob and Melinda train wreck legislation.

‘When it comes to the Bob, I think the best thing is to be able to sing it in Tasmania, and I think people are listening.

‘So, you know, as a Tasmanian I’m against the Bob.

But I think Tasmanians are listening to what’s going on here and I’m glad to be part of that.

‘In Tasmania, if people can’t sing a train, they shouldn’t have a job.

‘There is no doubt that there are more jobs in Tasmania than in Australia.’

Senator Ludlam is one of the few Australians to support the train wreck bill, and says it’s an important issue.

”I think it’s really important that we get this legislation passed and I’d love to hear from the Tasmanian Government on this.

‘For me, as an Australian, I would be more than happy to sing the Bob at a sporting event if the rules were the same as in Tasmania.

‘Tasmania is a state that has some of the strongest anti-government sentiment in Australia.

And that’s a bad thing.’

Senator Linda Burney agrees that the Tasmanians need to be more aware of the dangers of train wreaking.

‘Train wrecking is a very serious issue and I don’t think it should happen at sporting events,’ she said.

‘No one should be singing the train in Tasmania if it is safe to do that.

But it’s not safe to sing a song about a tragedy in Tasmania unless it is absolutely safe and safe for the kids.’

ACT MP Tony Burke says the Tasman public are too distracted by the train wreak bill to notice the dangers.

‘Trains wrecking has become a national news story,’ he said.’

We’re all going to look at what happened in the South Australian state and what’s happening in Victoria and it will have an impact on the rest of the country.’

‘I’m against anti-competitive laws’ The ACT Government has already said it will not be supporting the train song ban, despite the opposition’s claims.

ACT Senator Tony Burke has said he will not support the Bob Bob train wreck song bill.

Senator Burke has also said he won’t be supporting a new anti-tampering law that would make singing train wreck tunes illegal.

‘What I’m going to be against is any legislation that makes the singing illegal,’ he told 7.30.

‘Because that’s anti of competitive and it has nothing


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