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Transit trains are an essential part of the New Jersey Transit network.

And they are getting a lot more expensive.

New Jersey’s Department of Transportation announced Thursday that the cost of the state’s fleet of more than 4,500 buses, including those on the Orange and Blue lines, is $3.6 billion.

The agency said that the number of buses on the system has jumped from about 2,000 in 2014 to about 3,500 today.

That’s a jump of more like 10,000 vehicles, the department said.

The number of vehicles on the state of New Jersey, from left, the Orange Line, Blue Line, and New Jersey State Police.

The cost of buses and other vehicles in New Jersey.

In fact, the cost to New Jersey has doubled over the last few years, as the state has grown more reliant on the federal government for transportation.

According to a study by the University of Delaware’s Center for Transportation Policy and Governance, the average cost per vehicle for the state in 2016 was $1,967.

While the cost may seem high, New Jersey is a state that is more than half the size of the nation’s.

As of the end of 2018, the state had $824 billion in state and local government spending, according to the New York State Office of Management and Budget.

New Jersey also has a larger population than many other states, with about 5.4 million people, but only about a quarter of them live in the state, according the Center for American Progress.

A bus travels on a NJ Transit train, in front of a large sign at the New Brunswick Terminal in New Brunswick, New Brunswick.

(Photo by Mark Lennihan/AP)The number and size of transit vehicles is growing in other states as well.

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that New York City had doubled the number and number of subway cars on the subway system since 2015.

“New York’s subway system has seen a 20% increase in vehicles since 2015, and in the process, ridership has increased by 10% since the last time we ran a full-year study in 2019,” the Post said.

“New York City’s subway service has also experienced more frequent service.

Its trains and stations are nearly always open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with some stations being able to be fully staffed by the end-of-week.

The number of trips on the New Yorkers subway system, which operates on the East River and is part of a larger system, is almost the same as that of New York’s buses.”

While there’s no data available on the number or size of vehicles, it is expected that New Jersey will have more vehicles in the future.

At the end, the New States Department of Public Safety released a video that explains the importance of keeping your options open and keeping your eyes peeled. Read more:


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