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India will offer dog-training classes in the first class of a new national school of veterinary medicine.

The new institute, to be established in Gurgaon, is expected to start training dogs by 2019.

It will include veterinary students and veterinary technicians.

It will offer classes in pet medicine, immunology, physiology and surgery, among other subjects.

It also plans to offer courses in canine and exotic medicine.

This is the first time that a national school has been set up in the country, with the aim of offering veterinary training to a diverse range of people, said Rakesh Gokhale, president, National Institute of Veterinary Medical Sciences (NIVMS).

It will be a first in India.

It’s very exciting for us.

It was a huge project from start to finish.

It was an extremely challenging one to put together.

We are going to take a long time to complete it.

It is not only about the dog training, but also about the veterinary medicine and orthopedic sciences, said Gokhan.

The institute will aim to attract foreign and Indian veterinary graduates to train in its classes, while keeping a balance of students from all over the country.


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