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A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to put together a video for our YouTube channel.

The goal was to show off our service dog, Spike, as we played with him in our basement.

We didn’t expect to have any success, but our video had more than 2.5 million views.

At the time, I thought we’d had some success.

The more we watched the more we realized that it wasn’t just Spike, but other service dogs around the country, as well.

But in a few months, our videos started to look a little stale, and we wanted to change that.

So, we decided to focus on other service animals, like dogs who have been trained to assist with certain tasks.

Our goal was clear: To inspire others to make their own videos for the service dog community.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps that we took to create the most entertaining YouTube video for the occasion.

How To Start Creating Your Own YouTube Video for the Service Dog Community We started by brainstorming what kinds of service dogs might be helpful for this particular purpose.

One of the first ideas we came up with was a service dog that could help us navigate the subway.

The other was a dog that can help with certain kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or skiing.

The idea was that we could use our service dogs to do these tasks while helping our clients navigate the city.

This was the start of our service-dog training curriculum.

After a bit of research, we found a company that offers this service called SIXTEEN, which we’ve featured before.

It’s a private company that specializes in dog training and adoption.

The company’s training curriculum has two phases: a two-week program for service dogs, and a one-week training program for people with autism.

During the training program, the dog learns about how to navigate different parts of a subway system.

They also learn how to interact with people.

The training sessions are a bit longer than other classes we’ve seen.

But we were impressed by how easy it was to follow along with our service animals.

They were all doing exactly what we wanted them to do.

The first step was to select the appropriate service dogs for each phase.

We started with the two-year phase.

The most basic of our training sessions included a three-minute walk to a quiet corner of the train station, where our dog would greet people and then interact with them.

In the first phase, we taught the dog to greet people, follow their directions, and pick up trash.

In phase two, we learned to pick up a box of snacks or other snacks, then to carry the food to our clients.

The third phase is for people who have autism.

The service dogs are trained to communicate with people by saying things like “hello” or “please,” and asking for directions.

The final phase involves the dogs going through the subway and getting a bag of snacks.

Afterward, the dogs are placed in a car with other dogs, which they are then instructed to carry to their clients.

This program is designed to teach them to handle certain situations, such as finding a quiet spot to sleep, or getting the trash out of a garbage bag.

In order to be eligible for the program, you have to be at least 18 years old, and you have a minimum of five years of service with the service animal.

The basic training for the two years is one-on-one sessions with the dog.

The three-week period is divided into three phases.

The dogs are tested during the training phase.

During this period, they are given the opportunity to interact.

We were also testing them during the program for signs of anxiety or aggression.

The dog who was most eager to get to know us was the first to get on the subway, and so we started our program with that first test.

During phase one, we used the same three-point leash for the dogs.

After that, we added a third leash to each dog.

Each dog’s leash is connected to a harness that connects to a computer.

The harness can be a belt, or a dog harness.

The computer monitors the dogs behavior, which is recorded on a screen.

After the dog is tested and we can confirm the results, the trainer gives the dog a five-minute break.

In step two, the trainers teach the dogs about things like how to hold onto the bag, how to look around, and how to take care of their food.

During step three, we took the dogs on an exercise program, where they walked in a circle around the train platform, then they had to stay in that circle for the duration of the exercise.

We then played a video that mimicked a video a service animal would do in a typical subway station.

After three months, we were able to get our first video on the platform.

Our trainer


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