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Fitness retailer Next Big has announced a partnership with Adidas to bring a new fitness range to the US market.

The line will be made available in September 2021, and will be available for a price of $199.99 USD.

This new line of products will include a fitness bra, knee pad, and knee and hip support accessories.

It will also include two fitness pads for the front and rear, which can be used as a stand for both feet.

Next Big Fitness is launching a new line, featuring a wide range of new products for the future. 

“As we have built a loyal customer base, we have been able to launch the Next Big Fitness range for US retailers,” said Scott Hickey, president and CEO of Next Big.

“We are committed to expanding the fitness industry in the United States and will continue to be on the forefront of the fitness trend with innovative and innovative products that are made in the USA. 

Next Big is launching the Next BIG Fitness range to celebrate the launch of the next generation of fitness products.

The Next Big fitness line features innovative and inventive products that will help consumers keep fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.” 

The Next Big Sports Bra and Knee Pad have been specially designed with an internal padding for a supportive, comfortable fit. 

The pad comes with an elastic band, which is made of silicone. 

 The ankle support and leg support pads are made of nylon and are also stretchy. 

An internal pad is made from a combination of polyester and silicone, and features a stretchy stretch material. 

It is also water resistant to 100 meters and can be washed with soap and water. 

This new line is available in several colors. 

Also in the fitness category are the ankle support pads and the knee and thigh support pads. 

Both products are available in a wide array of colors.

The ankle pad features a removable strap that is made out of elastic. 

There are four straps to adjust the size. 

A side panel has a large strap that can be adjusted to accommodate different size feet. 

In addition, the ankle pad can also be used to support the knee, hip, and ankle. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the products, visit Next Big on Instagram.

The knee pad is a stretch rubber pad with a stretch, non-slip feel.

It has a high-density, flexible, stretchy material that provides extra support for the knee. 

These pads can be purchased in different colors.

A side strip has a strap that allows you to adjust height and adjust the pad’s shape. 

To learn more about this product, visit The Next BIG Sports Bra on Instagram


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