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Royal Gorge station is a train station in the centre of Choo Choo.

The train station is located about 200km south of the city of Chiang Mai.

The station is known for being one of the most crowded train stations in the country.

On Friday, the train station hosted a live broadcast by the Thai broadcaster RTK and other stations in Thailand.

The broadcaster aired a video montage of people waiting to board trains at the station.

The video shows people walking up the train platform and then standing on the tracks and chatting with other passengers.

In one scene, a woman is seen walking up to a train, holding a small baby and taking it from the car.

As the train is leaving the station, she is seen chatting with a woman on the platform.

The woman, who is holding a baby, is seen talking with a man who is carrying the baby in his arms.

A woman is shown standing in the middle of the tracks, waiting to be picked up by the next train.

The man is seen smiling at the camera and saying that he is going to see her.

Another scene shows a woman being picked up and put on a train.

It is then seen that she is being taken to a separate train.

One of the clips shows a young man and a woman waiting for a train on the train.

They are then seen talking to the train driver.

The driver, who has the same outfit as the one shown on the video, is wearing a grey shirt and grey trousers.

The young man is also wearing a white shirt.

A young woman is also seen waiting for the train and talking to a man on the other side of the track.

A group of people are seen waiting to catch a train at the Choo-Choo train station, Thailand.

RTE TV caption A group of women wait for a bus at the Royal Gorge Train Station in Choochoo.

In another clip, a group of young people are waiting to get off a train in the Chiang Moo station.

The train arrives at the train depot in Chiang Phan, Thailand and then travels to the Choon Choy train station.

In another clip from the live broadcast, a man is shown taking a train to a station.

He is seen on the right side of a screen with his face covered and holding a bag with a phone on it.

A woman is pictured waiting to pick up a train from the Choh Sui train station at Choo Chow.

On the other hand, the footage also shows the Royal Garden train station as a place where children play.

One of the video montages shown in Thailand shows a group walking up a track.

It then shows them talking to another group of children.

This footage is from the CCTV cameras that are installed at the railway station in Chog Mai.

Train Station CCTV is available in all the major train stations of Thailand.

Some of the stations are so far in the countryside that people cannot see the cameras.

The footage shows people taking photos at different parts of the station and then taking their photos back at the other station. 

The Royal Gorge is a station that was used by Thai railway companies during the reign of King Vajiralongkorn I. It was used to transport goods for the royal family during the Great Siege of Phnom Penh in the 1960s. 


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