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How to track your rides on the Train Tracker app is simple, easy and free.

Now you can track your trains to find your perfect ride.

Read moreThe app tracks your train journeys from the moment you start your journey, whether it is on the Tube, Tram or Train Link, and then helps you find your next train, using a combination of GPS, voice and data.

It’s also compatible with your favourite travel apps such as Strava, TripAdvisor and the likes.

It’s available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, and it’s currently available for free to all.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store for free, or you can buy a subscription which unlocks the features and can be used to track up to 100 trains per day.

If you want to learn more about Train Tracker, check out our full review.

How to find a train on the appIt’s very easy to track train journeys, and the app offers all the features you need to track trains to your heart’s content.

If you are looking for a particular train, or need to find one that’s missing, you can find your way to the train tracker in a few taps.

The app has a range of different routes available, and you can select one of the routes, or choose to start tracking from a specific station, train or track, and find the closest train you can.

Once you’ve found the nearest train, you’ll be able to see how many rides it has taken so far, the duration of the ride, the current destination and whether it has been booked on a weekend or weekday.

You can also filter your train’s journeys by the time of day, the train’s journey type (stationary, commuter or freight), and the type of journey (train, train journey or train journey).

The app also offers an option to view the train as a whole, or to see which train journeys have been booked for each individual train.

The train tracker can be set to show you the train at a glance, or show you a detailed map of the route to a specific train.

It’s easy to find where a train is, and what it is currently doing, and if it’s been taken on a trip.

If your train is travelling on a journey that has not yet started, you may not be able get your train to that destination.

There’s also a special option to display a timetable, showing the current departure time, the destination and the next train that’s due.

It can also be used as a quick way to find trains, or as a shortcut to get you where you want.

You can find trains on your favourite app, or by using the Train tracker to track one specific train, so long as you’ve set up the app and it is set up correctly.

If the train you are trying to find is currently booked, you won’t be able find it.

This is because it has not been registered with the app.

To find out the route the train is currently on, tap on the ‘View Map’ button, or the train will appear as a red arrow.

You’ll then be taken to the Train route section of the app, where you can click on the train and the train information will appear.

This is the only way to track a train when it is not on a train journey, but you can also set it to track the train by the route it is travelling to, if the train has already been booked.

You’ll also find a list of all the trains on the map.

If a train has not already been picked up, you will be able tap the red arrow to open the Train Finder, and when the train appears, you should see a list with the train number and track number of the train that has been picked-up.

You will also be able choose to display the next trains on a route.

If a train hasn’t yet been picked, the red arrows will still be displayed, but they won’t show the next available train.

You will then have to tap on it again to see the current arrival time, if there is one, and a progress bar showing how long it will take to reach your destination.

You are also able to filter the route by the train type, or select to find all trains on any route.

You also have the option to set a ‘Start’ button which will automatically start tracking the next Train Tracker Train if the app detects that it’s the next required train.

To stop tracking a train, tap the ‘Stop’ button on the track.

If there are more than one train on that route, tap to see all of them.

To get a map of your train journey you can tap the map button, and from there you can choose to zoom in, or zoom out, depending on what you want in terms of distance and the number of train journeys.


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