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I am a fitness trainer.

In the past, I used to spend a lot of time at home, but now I’m spending a lot more time in my hotel room than I used, which I love.

This is what I have learned about Berghains, the city’s famous and highly popular beer-making brewery.

It is not that Berghaints beers are bad.

In fact, they are one of the best in the world, but they are not something I would consider a “fitness-foodie” (they are not).

And I also know that the Berghained trainees love to drink.

I mean, they drink their Berghaners with a spoon.

What I like about the Berhain trainees is that they have this sort of “funny, playful attitude” about their jobs, and that is really important to me, because it means I get to be around the best and most energetic people in my life, like the guys and girls who run the brewery.

One thing I know for sure is that Berhains beer is very good.

I used a special strain that only the most talented of people can make, which means that only a select few have ever been able to make a beer that has the same level of flavor as the Berhs.

The other thing I like is that the beer is always on tap.

So I don’t have to worry about having to wait for it to arrive in my room to go to the bathroom.

I can enjoy a beer with friends at my hotel, or in my apartment, or even at a friend’s house and drink a bottle while I am working out.

And that is something I really like about this place.

In addition to Berhannes beers, there are a few other beers on tap, like a beer made with fresh ingredients, and a seasonal beer that is usually made in a brewery.

The best part about Berhanyis beer is that it is usually around $12.

You get a special discount for being a Berghainer.

If you are going to Berkhains, you might as well take advantage of the discount.

You will save time and money.

It will be worth it.


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