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When I bought my first puppy, he was already a very big puppy.

My first two dogs were also bigger than him.

Now I’m an adult, and I’m much more experienced.

But I still have a puppy that is the size of a small dog and that I don’t know if he is going to fit in the car.

He is also a little stubborn.

And if he sees the car coming, he gets a little anxious, which makes me worry.

In a car with a puppy in the backseat, we have a lot of distractions and we have to be able to handle the noise and the heat and all the other things that are coming.

But in a car that’s parked with a child in the front seat, we don’t have those distractions.

So when I bought this puppy, I had this huge vision that he could fit in my car.

I was really nervous because I’m a mom, and my kids were in college, and it was really difficult to convince them that this is what they wanted to do.

But they found it really easy to handle it.

So the next time you have to get a car, it’s best to make sure that you get a puppy with a bigger body.

And make sure it’s not a little one, because he’s going to be a little shy and that could cause problems.


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