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Christmas train games are not new, and their origins date back to the early 1980s.

But this year, in honor of the holidays, Nintendo is putting a new spin on the holiday tradition.

In this game, players will take the role of a train rider on a holiday train journey through New York City, as they go from station to station with a variety of festive gifts for each character.

Nintendo is calling the game Train Tycoon, which will be available to download for free in the United States.

Train Tycoon features three train stations, all of which have different styles of decoration.

Players can customize their train to their liking with unique decorations and trains.

Train trains will have their own station and decorations, and players can collect the Christmas tree at the station.

The station will also have various decorations for the train, like a red carnival flag.

In addition to Christmas decorations, the player can earn coins from the train rides, including special currency called train tokens, which can be used to unlock new stations and decorations.

Train Tycoon will be released in the US and Canada on February 12, and it is scheduled for release in other countries in March.


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