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Trainers say it is the best way to train animals and the world is full of training dogs for things like military or commercial work.

But do these dogs really benefit from the training?

A recent study found that while many trainings are positive, there is no guarantee that they will help animals with learning disabilities.

And research suggests the practice can cause harm.

New York City has had a long history of teaching dogs to perform tasks and work in human-controlled environments, but it was not until recently that many of the most prestigious training centers in the world began to focus on training them for specific kinds of work.

One of those centers is the International School for Animal Training in New York.

The New York-based school is the largest dog training school in the U.S. and its mission is to train dogs to be trained to do specific tasks.

“It’s the only school of its kind in the United States,” said Jennifer Ruhlman, an assistant professor of animal behavior at Cornell University who has worked with dogs for over 30 years.

“And the dogs that we have here are trained for a lot of things, and it’s really hard to train them for anything other than working in the human-dominated world.”

The New School began teaching dogs in 2015, and by the end of the school year, it had trained more than 4,000 dogs for tasks ranging from obedience and obedience training to obedience training and agility training.

But Ruhlyman, who has trained dogs for more than 20 years, said she thinks it is important to understand the psychology of training.

“I think it’s important to be mindful that you are not training an animal to be a human,” she said.

“We are using these animals to help us to teach them skills that we are trying to teach humans to do.”

Here are some of the top things you should know about training dogs.

What are the benefits of training a dog?

The benefits of working with dogs are many.

Some of the reasons why some people choose to train their dogs include: to help them learn tasks for people, like obedience or obedience training, and for animals, like military and commercial work