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Dog trainers love to tell you to train puppies to sleep on their stomachs, but it’s not just a matter of getting the puppies to eat, but getting them to sleep.

They need to understand what their puppies are really craving, and then train them to satisfy that need.

To help them learn how to get the most out of their puppies, we spoke to two dog trainers who are both experienced in night trainings.

First, I spoke with Dr. Lisa Brown of Dog Training Center of America (DTCOA).

She said that the key is that you train puppies as if they are a human, so they learn to love you and care for you.

You don’t have to feed them, but you do have to teach them to trust you and be there for you at the end of the day.

Brown also pointed out that puppies are human beings, and they need to learn to treat humans like family.

They have to learn that if you treat them like a family, they will treat you like a human being.

The key is to train them so they will be there to help you.

So, she said, you have to make them feel comfortable, but then they have to trust their human handler to make the best decision.

So that’s what she recommends, to make your dog feel like he’s a family member.

Then she recommends having a quiet room where you can just sit down and relax and talk to them, or have them come in and they can talk to you.

That way, if something happens, they’re able to see you and get their thoughts.

Dr. Brown said she has trained puppies for years and she has always found that the more time and energy you invest into them, the better they will do.

It’s very hard for puppies to express their emotions because they’re just so nervous, so you have a lot of things going on with your dog, so it’s a great time for them to be able to have those moments.

So the important thing is, they have a safe space where they feel like they can express themselves.

She said the goal of training is to build trust, to give them confidence and to let them know that they are loved, and that they have someone who will help them through this process.

She also says you can train puppies so they feel that they’re not the only dog in the house.

She says that when puppies come in, it’s important for them not to be afraid of anything that happens to them.

She has been working with dogs since she was about 18 years old, and she says she has seen puppies who were scared of strangers and then they would start to show a little bit of emotion when they saw someone new.

So now, she says, she has to teach puppies that their fear is part of who they are.

That’s what they need, is that they feel loved, that they can say, “I love you,” when you give them a hug.

She’s found that you can have them express that when they get their first kiss, or when they’re having a little petting session with their new best friend, or a petting or cuddling session with a dog.

That can be the most important thing that they need in their lives, because that’s when they learn that they belong in the world.

She added, the best part about training puppies is that puppies love you too.

She and her colleagues have seen puppies go through this with people who have done dog training before, and it’s the most rewarding thing that a puppy can do, since you know that the person that trained them really cares about them.

They’ve also said that they love dogs, but they can also love other dogs, and some dogs love people and love people to death.

So you have puppies who love you for their personality and they love you as a person, and the most exciting thing for them is that person that they’ve been training, the person who is able to give that puppy a home and a loving family.


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