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Trainers at the Denver Metra Railway have created a program called “Potty Training Dogs” that uses the train schedule to help train potty-trained dogs to go to potty.

In a video, the trainees, who have a lot of experience working with dogs and a lot more training experience, are learning how to train their potty trainees to get up off the seat.

They also have a special training for the training dogs to use the seat to pee.

“It’s a great program, we have a whole lot of training that we’ve learned through the years, that’s going to help these potty trainers get over to potting in their home,” said Jeff Dominguez, who teaches the training program.

The program is a collaboration between the Metra and Denver Metro, which includes the Denver Metro Animal Services.

The Metra also operates the train service.

“Potty training is really a very common training,” said Domingue.

“It’s something that a lot people know, and they know how to do it, but it’s something they haven’t done in years.”

Trainers at Metra’s training center have been working on the training, which involves a lot less training than what they do for a dog.

They’re training dogs in their homes and on the street, with no special equipment, to go potty at home.

Dominguez and other trainees have been training potty dogs since the program started last year.

The training is a part of the Metras efforts to improve potty safety.

“This is something we are focused on, and it’s really important to do,” Domingues partner, Michael Pincus, said.

“The best training that you can do is with a human being.”

Pincus has been training a potty dog for more than 20 years and has worked with dozens of potty trainer classes in Colorado.

He says training a dog to go into a toilet is much different than training a child to go in a toilet.

“A child is still learning how do you go to the bathroom, and you have to be there,” he said.

“I think we can have the best of both worlds, and I think the training for potty trains is really the perfect example of that,” he added.


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