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Grazier, Germany – Teacher training wheel and yoga instructor training are two of the latest additions to the growing number of gadgets that are being sold to teachers, especially in rural areas.

Grazier is Germany’s second-largest city and home to about 2.6 million people, and is one of the world’s most densely populated cities, home to more than 1.5 million people.

Its urban core, which is dominated by the Grazies’ large, predominantly German-speaking majority, has attracted increasing attention as technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous in everyday life.

More:German-language daily, Algemeen Dagblad, reports that in 2015, a teacher training wheel was installed at a primary school in the small town of Glien.

The wheel, which uses a wireless transmitter, sends information to the device via a smartphone, allowing a teacher to learn from videos, and videos to be sent by other students.

Gizmodo says the wheel was made by a German company called Grazi-Tek, which also makes a range of other devices, including a smartphone that allows students to control their own mobile phone from the classroom.

The Graziers also recently installed a remote control to a school computer.

Algemeen reported that the wheel and its remote control were used to teach a class of kindergartners about the meaning of words and their relationships.

Grazieland Daily also reported that teachers who use the wheel can also access videos from their smartphones.

According to Algemenger, Graziere teachers were not aware of the remote control until they were shown it during a lesson on the wheel.

“In the lesson, the teacher’s teacher asked, ‘Can you give me a video of the children playing together?’

And the teacher said, ‘yes,’ ” Graziano said.

“The teacher could have gone to the other students and told them to play with the wheel, but she did not want to do that.”

Grazies spokesman Wolfgang Scholten said the wheel is not a substitute for instruction.

“The only thing it is useful for is to have access to the information on a device, and it’s also possible to check what the device is doing,” he told Algemeiner.

“But we would like to explain the information we send to the remote.”

He added that the device was not designed to be used by the teachers to help them teach, but to be handed to the students and used at the end of the lesson.

“It’s a toy, it’s not something that could be used for a teacher’s instruction,” he said.

Groups like the Swiss-based German-language education charity, Gewerbeitung, have been campaigning for better teacher training in recent years, arguing that teaching can be better if it is given the proper training.

In October 2015, the Swiss government announced a pilot programme to improve teacher training and retention, and the programme aims to provide up to 500,000 teachers with training in two years.

In 2015, GfK, the largest education organisation in the country, said the GfKnW programme was among the best in the world.

GfK’s chief executive officer, Andreas Korn, told Algernon they have not yet heard from any of the teachers using the wheel to teach.

“I can’t say if there is a problem or not,” Korn said.


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