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LOS ANGELES — The NBA is the NBA, and the NBA is for everyone.

But if you want to have sex with a superstar, the rules can get a little tricky.

The NBA has an unwritten rule: Players are expected to respect the privacy of their teammates.

But some players might be willing to share intimate details with their teammates, including intimate details about their sex lives, in order to be more “engaged” with their fellow players.

The rule is not a secret, and it’s a good one.

But it’s also not one that’s going to sit well with some players.

Here are 10 players who have revealed that they’re open to sharing intimate details of their sex life with teammates.


LeBron James (Kobe Bryant, 2011-12) — James’ sexual behavior with teammates was a regular part of the game.

“I’ve been on the court with Kobe Bryant for a long time, and I’ve been close with Kobe for a longer time,” James told The New York Times in 2011.

“And that’s something that’s never been discussed with me.

I think I’m the one that was the most open and open to it.”


Dwight Howard (Kirk Hinrich, 2008-09) — Howard told The Players’ Tribune in 2014 that he’s open to having sex with teammates, according to a story in the publication.

“Sometimes you just have to say, ‘I don’t have to answer this question.’

Just be honest with the person that you’re talking to,” Howard told the publication, according


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