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In a way, the final season of the hit AMC series “The Walking Bad” is the culmination of the series’ most famous story arc.

In “The Killing Game,” Jesse Pinkman was hunted down by an army of walkers, and a few days later, he was killed in the middle of a street.

With this conclusion to the first season, fans of the show will have the chance to get their final, sweet moment with a character that fans have long loved, and one that will forever be associated with the series.

In a recent interview with MTV News, “The Making of” co-creator Ryan Murphy talked about how the final episode of “The Road Warrior” came together.

“The Walking Dark” writer Ryan Murphy talks about the final “The Walking Dead” episode, “A Walk in the Dark,” in the first episode of his new Netflix series, “Making A Murderer.”

Murphy revealed the story behind “A Walking Dead” season finale, “Walking Dead,” and the inspiration behind the show’s final episode.

Murphy shared that he was inspired by a scene in the final chapter of “Wandering Dead,” in which Carl Grimes, who had been bitten by a walker, is trying to find the antidote for the disease, while also dealing with the death of his brother.

The scene, in which the two brothers are sitting on the stoop of their house, is very reminiscent of what Murphy thought would happen in “The War Within,” the episode where Carl Grimes was bitten.

“We had an idea of Carl Grimes being bitten by the walkers and dying in the midst of that,” Murphy explained.

“It’s just a great scene that I wanted to revisit.

We had a great moment with the two characters, and then we kind of said, ‘What if we could do something with Carl Grimes in a way that didn’t involve him dying in that scene?’

So we were like, ‘OK, this is a really fun idea.'”

When Murphy started the show, he envisioned the ending of “A WALKING DEAD” would be very different than the ending he saw in the comic books.

In the comics, Carl Grimes is bitten by an undead walker and dies in his own backyard.

In reality, he dies in the same house that his family lived in, in the fictional town of Woodbury, New York.

In “The Dark Half,” which aired in 2018, the same kind of scenario occurred.

In it, Carl is bitten in a field by a zombie.

The walkers are killed and Carl is brought to the hospital.

In this version, he is brought back to his hometown and becomes the head of the town’s medical staff.

This time, the town is saved by a doctor named Abraham, who was bitten by one of the walker.

In this version of “Dark Half,” Abraham becomes a medical doctor, which makes him one of many people who are bitten by walkers.

However, the main character is the doctor.

“The Dead are going to come back and take over the world, and so Abraham’s the only one left who can save us,” Murphy said.

The reason for this is that Abraham is the one who is bitten.

He can heal the bitten, and he can make them immune to the walk-ers.

This is what drives Abraham to fight the walkings.

“We wanted to show that the reason why Carl is able to save his family is that he’s able to take on the walkies and fight them,” Murphy continued.

“And the reason that Abraham, the doctor, was able to get bitten is because Abraham had this kind of a connection to the one-eyed guy.

We wanted to make sure we knew that.

The thing that we wanted to tell about that is that Carl is a guy who is fighting for his life.

We want him to fight.

He doesn’t care who gets bitten.

It’s the fight.

And that’s what’s really important to us.

It makes the whole thing feel like a real fight.”

In “Making a Murderer,” the show also explored the idea of what happens to the main characters after their actions are caught on camera.

In that season, it was revealed that one of those characters, Sarah Koenig, who played a witness in the trial of Steven Avery, was in fact an inmate of the Avery family.

Murphy said he was excited to learn that Koenig was one of his biggest fans.

“It’s really exciting to me to get to explore this concept of Sarah Koenigs’ life.

That was a really big part of my inspiration in writing that character,” Murphy revealed.

“I think it was really cool to explore the concept of that, to see the person who was actually in the room with her, and how her life would have been different without that knowledge.

And so I was excited that I was able [to do that].”

Muramies experience with the “Making of


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