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The Washington Metro system said Thursday it will restart service on a number of routes starting Monday.

The most affected routes include Washington, D.C., and Washington, Pennsylvania.

Metro also plans to start using new buses in some of the new routes.

Metro said the planned rollback will include stops in D.O.C. and in New York City, but the stations will not be reopening.

The new schedule includes stops in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

The routes were added in April after the agency was unable to find enough trains to operate safely.

The Washington Metro rail system will resume operations on a schedule that includes stops that were not open when Metro announced it would restart service in April, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said.

Metro will open up two routes, including the D.W. Griffith station in the District, which was closed in the spring, Stessel added.

Metro’s D.U.C.’s new routes include stops at Bethesda, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Silver Lake, Bethesda and Washington.

The New York-Newark-New York, New York, and New York New Jersey and New Jersey-New Jersey will also see the opening of their new routes, Stsssel said.

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority will begin operating on its routes Monday.

The Baltimore Transit Authority, which operates the new Washington, New Jersey, and Washington-Baltimore, D-Maryland lines, will open its first new routes Monday, according to a statement from its CEO.

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said in a statement that the routes will be used for buses and will be available to use as a public transportation option.

The Los Angeles Metro system and the San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area rail systems will open new routes on Monday, with the latter two lines serving about 20 percent of the population, the California Public Utilities Commission said.

Metro is using the new schedules to open new stations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The San Francisco International Airport Authority will open a new route, beginning Monday, to replace its previously closed route between the San Francisco-Oakland International Airport and the new LAX terminal.

Los Angeles County will open another route Monday to allow passengers from the airport to use the newly opened route between San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, said the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency.

In a separate announcement, the city of Dallas is opening a new, faster-than-expected route.

The agency said it is opening an option to run between Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, where it currently operates, and the city-owned airport in Arlington, Texas.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Express is expected to open in about two weeks.

By Monday, the Los Santos International Airport will also begin opening routes.

D.C.-based commuter rail company Metrocard is replacing the New York Central and Penn Station rail lines with new routes that will run on a similar timetable as the new Metro routes, spokesman John Wysopal said.

The line between Washington, Philadelphia-Camden, Philadelphia’s Union Station and New Haven, Connecticut will also be extended to serve as a stop in New Jersey.

Metro said its new schedule will operate on a more consistent schedule, which includes a higher volume of passengers.

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