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Doulas training at Royal Glen and Royal Gorge trains have been cancelled.

Doula Train, a private train company, has cancelled its training program at Royal Groves in NSW, following the fatal accident involving a train.

The company has released a statement on their Facebook page, saying it has cancelled the Royal Gorge training and is offering no further information to the media.

Royal Glen train is currently under construction at Royal Garden and Royal Grove.

It has been confirmed by Royal Glen that the Royal Grooves train has been cancelled due to a safety incident and is currently undergoing a full inspection at Royal Park Station.

Royal Gorge train has not been cancelled as the incident occurred at Royal Forest Station in the City of Perth.

The statement says that the train is still being inspected and will return to Royal Gorge Train as soon as it is safe.

Doulas train at Royal gorge train has just been cancelled and is on its way to Royal Glen.