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Posted by Football Italian on Friday, March 04, 2019 08:05:33Fans of the popular show “Dog Train” will get a taste of their favourite show when the show returns to Europe later this year.

The show, which features a mix of dogs, cats and humans, will return to its home country of Italy this September with the opening of the “MEXICAN TRAIN GAME.”

The show will be followed by a dog training game in December, and the second season of the show is set to air in March 2019.

The new “Mexican Train Game” will feature new dog trainers who are expected to compete against one another in a dog agility tournament and in the final of the competition, in which the winning team will receive a prize.

The winner of the agility tournament will be the winner of a prize, including a trip to the World Cup in 2019, which will be held in Brazil.

In addition to the agility and the World Cups, the show will also feature the dog competitions that were part of the first season, which featured a variety of dogs from all over the world.


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