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TRENTON — A train carrying Amtrak service between New Jersey and New York derailed Monday morning, injuring seven people and destroying a train car and a home, officials said.

The train carrying about 100 passengers was heading to Newark from Trenton.

At least two people were transported to a hospital, said Tom Schoenfeld, a spokesman for the New York City Department of Transportation.

Two of those people were in critical condition, Schoenfield said.

All the passengers were transported on the train’s roof, he said.

Amtrak’s Trenton and New Jersey service was suspended for the time being until the train was repaired, Amtrak said.

A third person was also taken to a local hospital, Schulfeld said.

The train derailed just before 2 a.m. on Route 9 between New York and New Brunswick.

Amtrak said it was responding to an “uncontrolled train derailment.”

A video posted to social media showed emergency workers treating passengers in a pool of blood on the track.

The train was stopped at a red light, then came to a stop.

Authorities said the train had derailed at the junction of Route 9 and Route 9E, a two-lane highway that runs from the Hudson River in New Jersey to the Delaware River in Delaware County.

A New Jersey State Police helicopter, fire trucks and ambulances were parked nearby as rescue teams raced to the scene, authorities said.

A tractor-trailer that was transporting passengers from Trentons office building to a nearby station was damaged by the crash.

No one was hurt in the crash, and no one else was on board.

The car’s driver was not injured.

The Amtrak train was carrying about 50 passengers, including a woman, and about 40 employees, Schumacher said.

The company is still trying to identify those who were aboard.