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The company, which is headquartered in California and works on projects for businesses including Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, is working with startups and companies to develop VR training solutions that will give employees a chance to earn money in VR, the same way they earn in real life.

In a press release, Amtron said it’s working with “several startups and some major corporations” in the VR space to “enable virtual work for the millions of people who need it most”.

“In a world of virtual reality, where the technology is everywhere, the ability to train in virtual reality is a natural fit,” the company said.

“In VR, employees can spend time working on real projects, learning about the company and the industry that they work for, and even meeting other employees.

In reality, virtual training is about the same as having real life work done.”

A major difference between a virtual and real job In order to train an employee, a company will need to put a headset on a VR-capable device that will “give the employee a virtual world that mimics real world environments”.

The training is then tracked by Amtrons software and a headset.

“We can work out the most accurate tracking with just a handful of headsets,” the press release said.

Amitron will also work with VR-training partners to develop training software that will be “optimised for VR and other emerging VR platforms, including AR, Mixed Reality and WebVR”.

“Amitrons software can be tailored to train people in VR and can be integrated into any of our training applications,” it said.

“We will build in VR training as well as a range of training tools for employers, who can now train in the virtual world.”

The company said that it was working with a number of major companies in the industry to develop the technology.

It was not clear how many jobs were at risk or how many companies had been hired by Ama.


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