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Train sets have become a staple of modern American pop culture, but what exactly are they and how do they help us connect with one another?

To find out, we caught up with Dr. Janice Haggard, the co-author of Love Train Sets: The New World of Love, to find out what makes a good train set and what it’s like to create your own.

Haggard is an assistant professor at Emory University School of Art and Design, and the cofounder and co-founder of the company Love Train.

In her free time, she enjoys crafting custom pieces of art for artists, helping people learn to craft, and sharing her passion for art with other art enthusiasts.

Love Train Sets is a partnership between Haggards’ husband, Daniel, and her son, Daniel.

Daniel has a background in architecture, architecture design, and is a licensed landscape architect.

He works with Haggars husband to design and build a love train set for the couple’s three children to decorate and share.

Daniel’s wife, Sarah, works in marketing and is an online business consultant.

The two have a daughter, Charlotte, and two sons, Nathan and Tyler.

Love train sets are fun projects for kids to create for their family.

Haggs husband Daniel explains to Mashable that the fun part of the project is creating a love-filled, personalized train set that everyone will love.

“I’ve always loved the idea of using the train as a metaphor for love and life,” Daniel Haggart said.

“I really wanted to see the train set as a symbol of that.

Daniel’s love for trains has led to several train sets for the children to construct. “

We thought it would be great to combine love and fun with a little bit of realism and design, so we decided to make the love train a little less fancy and a little more practical.”

Daniel’s love for trains has led to several train sets for the children to construct.

One of Daniel’s love train sets is a gift-filled gift bag filled with trains and the letters LOVE and BRILLIANT written on them.

The train set is perfect for kids who love trains, and Daniel says it’s perfect for all ages.

“Children are all different and different things,” Daniel said.

The trains in Daniel’s project are decorated with Christmas trees and decorated with stickers that say, “Happy Holidays.”

Daniel said that the stickers are part of a larger theme he’s working on for the Love Train sets.

“It’s about giving love, it’s about family, it is about sharing,” Daniel told Mashable.

“So that is one of the big themes of our project, which is about being together.”

Daniel says that his goal for the love-themed train set was to create something that would have a big impact on children, as he says it would have “a real impact on their sense of wonder, their sense that everything is happening around them and the love that they have for their parents and the family that they are growing up with.”

Haggs and her husband have been working together for about six years, and they plan to keep making love train kits for the kids to use.

“This is the beginning of a new phase in our family life,” Haggers said.

Daniel says that the love of trains will grow into the train sets that he plans to build for the future.

“We are going to make a lot of fun things out of it and a lot more that you won’t ever see in a train set,” Daniel explained.

Daniel Haggarts Love Train Set: The Love Train is available now at his website.


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