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New York City’s train derailment last month has left a mourning process going on for the families of those killed and injured.

Some mourned that the death toll from the derailment would likely rise.

Now the families are coming together for the first time to share the pain and anger of their loved ones who were killed or injured in the train derailments.

On Saturday, thousands of relatives, including relatives of those who died or were injured in train accidents, gathered in Union Square in New York’s Times Square.

A train, carrying freight, was coming down the Grand Concourse, and a number of people were trapped on the platform, with a number injured.

They were evacuated and taken to hospitals.

There were many who were on the train when it crashed.

It was a terrible day for them.

It happened very quickly.

They lost everything and they were still waiting to get home.

The first time I saw the train was when I was in the terminal and I got off the train and saw the tracks, so I knew immediately that this was something bad.

I felt so badly that I cried.

I didn’t know what to do, I was so scared, I thought I was going to die, I just cried so much.

It was terrible to watch my brother’s blood splatter on the tracks and hear his screams, I mean my heart was just so heavy.

I didn’t want to live anymore, and I couldn’t imagine being in the same place.

The whole train was just going down, I couldn`t believe it.

I couldn t even imagine what happened.

I had seen a few people on the trains.

It felt so terrible, and it was so sad.

It is a difficult feeling to go through a time like this, but the reality is, it happened so fast and we were in the middle of the city.

I feel that people didn`t have a chance to react.

It wasn`t like it was a one-off.

I think there are a lot of people who were trying to do something for their families, and that is a tough feeling, especially when we know that there are so many people out there who were really trying to help people and that we`re not there for them because of the crash.

We are here because we have been trying to be in touch with the families and help them.

We`ve heard so much from the family, we`ve been in touch for a while, and we`m working to try and get to them.

We want them to know that we are here and that this happened.

We are here to help them as best we can.

We hope that they feel that we want to help.

We really want them back, so we want them, I can say, to be safe.

We want them all to feel that they are safe.

We have been there, we know how terrible it is to go down that train.

We have heard a lot about it.

The families of the people who died were coming up here, we heard from the victims, we hear their stories, and now we have a whole different set of families to deal with.

The main thing is to make sure that they`re OK.

We can talk to them, we can listen to them about their pain and their feelings.

We feel for them, and if you feel for someone, feel for your loved one.

It`s the most important thing.

The biggest thing is that the people get to know each other and be able to have a good conversation about what happened, how it happened, and to have the possibility to come together and share their pain.


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