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A new training video has been released by the New Zealander Warriors team, featuring footage from their new training camp in Wellington.

The video, entitled ‘Cross Trainer’ shows the Warriors players on the training field in front of a camera.

“It’s great to see the Warriors training in front with us in Wellington, it’s been an incredible time for the team,” Warriors coach Stephen Kearney said.

In the video, players are shown taking part in a range of exercises, such as jumping and boxing, as well as performing a drill on a bike.

Kearney said the video was an opportunity to get players to take part in what was an exciting time of the year for the Warriors.

“This year, they have been working hard and playing really well,” Kearney told the New York Times.

He said they were also showing off their new equipment, including a new helmet and shorts.

“They’ve been training in a really cool environment.

We’ve got a couple of new uniforms they’re wearing,” he said.

“They’ve got really good facilities and they’re playing really, really well.”

Kearny said the team was looking forward to seeing the footage, and getting feedback from the public.

Warriors training session in Wellington: Video source News23


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