How can you partner with us?



This is mainly focused on the category of Morans without any other means of support. We identify those morans with an aptitude for schooling and the this criteria for sponsorship will be very strict. The Government of Kenya has highly subsidised primary and secondary education. However, some are still not able to afford the amount required for co paying and other educational amenities hence the need for support.

Others in this category without an aptitude for school will be empowered in other ways such as sponsorship to driving courses.

To actualize the vision,Kingdom Morans needs your assistance.We invite partneships and assistance from the following;

  • Individuals
  • Corporate Bodies
  • Government
  • Other Charitable Organizations

To actualize the vision,Kingdom Morans needs your assistance.

Kindly support us in any of the following categories:

  • Make a financial donation of any amount.
  • Become a KMM partner: make fixed monthly donations of any amount.
  • Adopt a street Moran: support a specific street Moran independently for a month or a year.
  • Contribute towards supporting a specific street Moran for a month or year.

You can donate via MPESA

Use MPES PAY BILL 552800, Account number SBM Bank 0492 3722 37001, Account name Wangui and Matta

  • How to send money to KMM through MPESA Pay Bill
  • ✅ Go to your MPESA menu
  • ✅ Choose Lipa na M-PESA
  • ✅ Choose Pay bill
  • ✅ Enter Business No 552800
  • ✅ Enter account no- 0492 3722 37001
  • ✅ Enter amount and your secret PIN
  • ✅ Thanks! You should receive a confirmation message from SMB BANK

“A vision without resources is just a hallucination.”~ Thomas Friedman